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Watch Dictionary

7th Dec 2022

12-Hour RecorderThis is a stopwatch or a chronograph subdial to track 12-hour intervals.24-Hour TimeIt is often referred to as Military Time. Time is measured in 24-hour intervals instead of the 12-ho … read more

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Jewelry

7th Dec 2022

At Luxury of Watches, we know that giving can be just as nice as receiving. We provide some of the finest jewelry gifts you can find anywhere. Whether you're seeking a gift for that special … read more

​5 of the Best New Watches

25th Oct 2022

If your style prioritizes class and luxury, a high-end watch could be the perfect accessory to add to your collection. Browse the most expensive watch brands to check out the best of the bes … read more

​Which Luxury Watch Holds Its Value Best?

10th Oct 2022

A luxury watch can be an investment as well as an indulgence. The value of a watch may rise and fall with changes in fashion, but a few brands tend to retain or even increase their value ove … read more