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Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

In the market for a Rolex watch for yourself or as a gift? Consider selecting one of the many Rolex pre-owned watches from Luxury of Watches. Featuring styles from collections we currently stock new, as well as watches that are highly sought-after from previous lines, you’re sure to find something you can appreciate for many years to come. Part of the allure of a Rolex is its longevity and, as soon as you set your gaze on these pre-owned Rolex men’s and women’s watches, you’ll realize why it pays to own a watch by this quality watchmaker.

Affordability aside, you’re certain to appreciate the standards to which we hold each pre-owned watch before allowing it to be listed for resale. The scratch-resistant crystal must be impeccable, and each comes with its own certificate of authenticity and additional five-year warranty. With prices up to half off the full retail value, why not consider selecting a pre-owned Rolex, or two, or three—all for the same price as ONE new watch? Find your dream pre-owned Submariner, Daytona, Day-Date, Yacht-Master, Explorer, Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, and more of the most iconic Rolex models here.

As far as investment watches go, few possess the staying power of the Rolex. Indeed, used Rolexes have set record after record, fetching sky-high values like $17.75 million (see: Paul Newman’s famed Rolex Daytona) and $6 million (a unique vintage white gold Daytona, the only known to exist). Even the more casual Rolex collectors know that, over time, appreciation is expected, especially with the rare, vintage, and custom. But that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get great deals on used watches.

Indeed, buying a used Rolex can save you some money up-front and may earn you money down the road. For example, you can get a pre-owned Rolex Daytona for significantly less than a brand-new one, and it’s likely to retain its value and deprecate much slower, too. The fact is, anyone can buy a new Rolex, but it takes a collector’s knowledge and an impeccable eye to score that once-in-a-lifetime used Rolex watch. At Luxury of Watches, we not only offer great deals on pre-owned luxury watches, but we’re also a great resource for trading or selling pre-owned Rolex watches. Get in touch today for a quote.