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Rolex Pre-Owned Men’s Submariner Watches

Instantly recognizable among watch enthusiasts, the Submariner has set the standard for classic timepieces since its debut in 1953. A staple for all serious collectors and connoisseurs of haute horology, pre-owned watches that bear the Submariner signature are always a strong investment.

It’s no coincidence that the Submariner is routinely held as the archetype of dive watches. After all, this is the wristwatch that effectively wrote the book on submersible time-keeping. Even its earliest iterations featured unprecedented water-resistance and high-tech features just for divers. The Rolex Submariner still stands, nearly 70 years after its introduction, as one of the most popular luxury dive watches ever sold, which is why it’s a smart choice for collectors.

At Luxury of Watches, we can help you find the perfect pre-owned Rolex Submariner to suit your sense of style. Going with a pre-worn option allows you to wear a classic at a more affordable price point without having to sacrifice the materials or special features you desire. The market for all new and pre-owned Rolexes remains strong, but the Submariner is an especially safe bet for those who like to buy and sell used men’s watches.