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Cartier Watches

Designer Cartier Watches

When it comes to elegant and distinctive designer watches, Cartier holds the standard of excellence.  Designing watches and fine jewelry since 1847, few other designers come close to Cartier’s storied history and legacy of superior craftsmanship.  Cartier watches are made to be both chic and artistic; with the world’s most talented watchmakers ensuring each piece is both beautiful and long-lasting.

Cartier gained its reputation for excellence and superior design with over a hundred years of dedication to the finest quality and innovation.  By the turn of the 20th century, their elegant designs were sought by royalty all over the world, and many of the exquisite crowns, necklaces, tiaras and other pieces made are still displayed today.  Cartier has been an innovator of both style and function in wristwatches since their first model in 1904, and continues to fashion each watch with contemporary refinement and classic elegance.

See each of Cartier’s most famous and sophisticated watch designs, and distinctive varieties of each.  Luxury of Watches carries a wide selection of Cartier watches for both men and women, all with free shipping directly to your door.