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​What Is a Rolex DLC-PVD Watch

26th Sep 2022

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A Rolex DLC watch with PVD is a timepiece for the adventurous man. Throughout your active years, this luxury watch can withstand tarnishing and scratches. DLC is an acronym standing for diamond-like carbon, and PVD stands for physical vapor deposition.

Wear a Rolex Watch for Any Lifestyle

Defining DLC and PVD

DLC or diamond-like carbon is an amorphous carbon material applied to other materials, such as steel, for quality. These coatings are desirable because of their hardness, wear resistance, and slickness. PVP, known as physical vapor deposition, is a method that produces coatings and a thin film on metals and glass. The process is usually more environmentally friendly than other coating processes. Rolex uses the coating for its impact strength and scratch resistance.

Rolex DLC-PVD Durability and Features

At Luxury of Watches, we offer 30 different Rolex DLC-PVD durable watches. For example, the Rolex Rainbow Daytona DLC-PVD 116520DLCRW includes the following features:

  • DLC coating that resists wear and tear
  • Casing made of stainless steel with DLC coating
  • Rolex black dial
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Oyster-lock bracelet
  • 44 millimeters in size
  • Custom rainbow bezel
  • Water resistant up to 300 feet in depth
  • 44 jewel chronometer automatic movement
  • Five-year warranty

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Who Should Wear Them

Rolex is a brand for people from all walks of life. The Rolex brand is a great option for athletes and active adults, especially if they are swimmers, runners, or work in a labor-intensive industry.

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How to Tell if Your Rolex Is Real?

If you want to know how to tell if a Rolex is real or not, here are obvious ways. First, check for the serial number against the certificate of authenticity. Luxury watches with no serial numbers are fake. With the Rolex sports watch, you can find the serial number on the inner bezel ring that surrounds the dial.

Secondly, ticking sounds from the watch indicate that it is not an authentic Rolex. All of the brand's watch collections have a powered automatic movement that is soundless. Listen carefully for any ticking from the watch you are buying to prevent fraud and losing your money. Examine the watch for a tiny crown etching on the glass. The laser-etched crown should be at six o'clock. If not, it is a sure red flag.

Why a Rolex Watch With DLC-PVD From Luxury of Watches?

One reason to own a Rolex watch with DLC-PVD from Luxury of Watches is its five-year warranty. Your investment has protection for replacement in case it malfunctions due to manufacturing defects. Diamond-like and physical vapor deposition coatings help protect Rolex watches against wear and tear, erosion, and abrasion. Our luxurious sports watch collection includes many models for active men and women.