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​How Much Is My Broken Rolex Worth?

22nd Mar 2022

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If you own a broken Rolex watch, you may wonder if the piece still holds value. When repaired by a skilled technician, a damaged Rolex can still bring in a respectable price on the pre-owned market. By restoring your broken timepiece, it remains a high-value item that you can continue to wear or choose to sell when the time is right. Find out what goes into repairing a damaged timepiece and how much your broken watch may be worth on the used Rolex market.

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Common Damages to Rolex Watches

Your Rolex watch can suffer several damages that cause it to lose functionality or reduce its luxury appearance. Some common damage, such as a broken strap, is easily fixable and doesn’t affect your watch telling time or performing other complications. However, if your Rolex watch suffers a broken gasket or its bezel, dial, or crystal face becomes scratched or cracked, it can cause your watch to stop working. A broken bezel can also mean the loss of precious gems, which adversely affect your watch’s value. If your watch’s Oyster case is somehow broken or bent, all manner of dust and grime can enter into the inner dials of your Rolex and stop it from working.

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The Rolex Restoration Process

No matter what damage your Rolex has suffered, it is worth taking to a technician who can assess the damage and perform a restoration. According to Rolex, all authorized associates can perform repairs on Rolex pieces. These luxury watch repair technicians follow the outlined process to repair and restore your Rolex to its initial state. During the repair process, the watchmaker removes your watch from the case. They separate the movement from the bracelet to assess each part on its own. Then they dismantle the movement portion of your watch and repair or replace any pieces that don’t meet Rolex standards.

If necessary, the technician cleans all watch components, followed by reassembly and lubrication of the movement. The bezel, case, and bracelet undergo polishing to restore shine, and the seals are put back in place. The watchmaker conducts a final precision test, after which you receive your repaired luxury Rolex watch.

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How Much Is My Broken Rolex Worth?

The value of your pre-owned Rolex depends on several factors. These include the extent of the damage and the cost to repair and restore the watch. Additional factors include the watch’s model and serial number and whether you still have the papers and certification for the piece.

Extent of damage

Shallow damage, such as surface scratches, don’t affect your Rolex’s value as much as bent, cracked, or broken elements. The worse the damage your Rolex has suffered, the more impact it has on its pre-owned value. For example, the Rolex Men’s Datejust Stainless Steel Silver Roman Dial SKU: P16014SRJ goes for $7,995.00 as part of Luxury of Watches’ pre-owned collection. You can expect the same for a fully restored piece if you own a similar model.

Cost to repair and restore

If your Rolex is heavily damaged, you may need to assess the cost of the repair versus buying a new watch. In many cases, having your watch restored is worth the price, especially if it is an heirloom piece. If you can’t or don’t want to pay for a restoration, you can approach a luxury watch dealer like Luxury of Watches to try to reach a buy-sell agreement for the piece to get it off your hands.

Model and serial number

Your Rolex model and serial number play a significant part in determining its pre-owned value. Even if your watch is damaged, a highly desirable serial number or model can bring in a large estimate of value. Among the most popular Rolex models are pre-owned Daytonas and Yacht-Master options. The Rolex Yacht-Master Two-Tone Blue SKU:16623B sells for $14,995 on Luxury of Watches, proving that these models are worth a significant dollar amount when restored.

For newcomers to the Rolex market, learning where Rolex watches are made can help identify value based on the watch’s certificate of authenticity. All Rolex watches come with this certificate when manufactured. The document proves that the piece is a genuine Rolex and identifies it with a unique serial number. If you don’t have this certificate, your Rolex won’t fetch a high value, no matter its condition. However, if you can provide a certificate of authenticity when having your Rolex appraised, its value increases.

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If you own a broken Rolex watch, it likely retains a significant portion of its original value. By taking it to a watchmaker and investing in restoration, your Rolex can remain a luxury timepiece for your wrist or bring in a respectable sum if you decide to trade or sell. Contact Luxury of Watches if you are interested in selling or trading your pre-owned Rolex, and browse our selection to find a new Rolex for your collection.