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​Are Cartier Watches Good? 3 Highlights of the Brand

1st Sep 2022

Cartier Tank Solo Watch

Most people view Cartier as a luxury fashion and jewelry brand. However, the brand is also known for its high-end luxury watches. Looking at the company's history, you'll discover that it started as a watchmaker. From the first pocket watch in 1510, wealthy men used to carry pocket watches around. In the 20th century, Cartier designed their first men's luxury watches. Since then, the company has produced many popular watch collections adored by royalty and celebrities alike. Here are some highlights of the brand.

1. Cartier Watches Hold Their Value Well

A Cartier watch can be a great investment. The company doesn't produce too many watches at a go. These are hand-crafted pieces, so they have a slower manufacturing process. This relative scarcity naturally raises the demand. Therefore, Cartier watches may increase in value due to their rarity. Most people recognize them as vintage timepieces with a rich history. They are especially valuable if you retain their original box and documentation. The company's technologically advanced watch-making laboratory guarantees the best quality and utmost precision. A Cartier watch is an excellent investment for people who like to carry a portable asset.

2. High-Quality Watches

For a watch to be considered a luxury, it must have unique factors that appeal to the masses. Let's look at several factors that make Cartier a renowned luxury brand.


A luxury brand needs to be expensive but not overpriced. If you’re wondering how much a Cartier watch costs, you’ll be happy to hear that Cartier produces a wide range of watches between $2,500 and $204,000. Cartier even has secret watches with phoenix décor that costs $2.7 million. The price tag is directly connected with the fine materials used and exclusive craftsmanship. This, combined with high demand and low supply ratio, creates a valuable masterpiece worth the money.


Cartier watches are made from high-grade materials. They use durable, stylish, and top-tier stainless steel considered one key element of a luxury watch. On top of this, the crown may have tiny blue sapphires. Sapphire crystal is durable as well as scratch and shatter resistant. It's by far the best material for watch faces, and it's a bit more expensive than other crystals. Some Cartier watches have silver dials and may contain pure diamond and 18k gold materials. The 18k gold is bright, saturated, and has balanced purity. Even the straps on the Cartier watches draw attention, such as the alligator leather band.

Man with Cartier watch

Manufacturing Process

A Cartier watch is a piece of art. The brand makes its products by hand, so they always come with some distinction. Cartier's watches contain some elements that a machine can't assemble. The company pays close attention to details, evident in the watches’ cuts and finishes. The watches also undergo rigorous inspections. As a result, the watches last for years and are passed from generation to generation. They also remain fashionable no matter the time or era.

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3. Strong Brand Identity

Most brands receive their luxury status due to the customer's general perception of a brand. Cartier has global recognition for its wide range of premium products and high-end jewelry. Cartier's watches mimic its jewelry line and possess certain symbols of status in the community. Cartier has a rich heritage owing to the captivating brand stories. Behind every Cartier watch, there are over a hundred years of history. The company's first watch, the Santos, remains in production to date. Cartier watches are practically synonymous with the following distinct qualities:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Long-lasting
  • Unique
  • A timeless accessory
  • A fashion statement
  • Buying a luxury watch is investing in your style. Let our in-house experts guide you through our collection of Cartier watches. We’ll give you a personalized shopping experience and help you pick the right option for your needs.