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​Are Rolex Watches Waterproof?

10th Mar 2022

Rolex Submariner 116610LN

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Rolex has earned its prestige by creating elegant timepieces and making its watches for the most extreme uses. From the peaks of Mt. Everest to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, Rolex watches have been providing accurate time to generations of explorers. So are Rolexes waterproof? It is no surprise that all current Rolex watches are waterproof up to 100 meters. With models like the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller that are water-resistant beyond the depths of the deepest dive in human history (330 meters), you can be confident a Rolex watch will meet your waterproof needs. Check out the history of waterproof Rolex watches and the various Rolex models’ waterproof ratings.

Rolex’s History of Waterproof Watches

Rolex is responsible for transitioning the wristwatch from an accessory for women into an everyday necessity for men. This began with a structurally sound Oyster case. It was Rolex’s first hermetically sealed case, which means no dirt, water, or air can pass through it.

In 1953 Rolex built off their hermetic Oyster case and made the first Submariner model. It was a watch that sports divers could wear in and out of the water. It was waterproof up to 100 meters and was handsomely sporty for everyday wear. Since the introduction of the Submariner, it has grown to be Rolex’s most popular model. Celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Queen Latifah, and David Beckham have all sported various Rolex Submariner models.

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Current iterations in the Submariner line aren’t too different from the original model. Take the Rolex Submariner 14060 and its black rotating bezel that characterized the original model. It is waterproof up to 1,000 feet and has Rolex’s patented Chromalight, which lights up the hands and indices for legibility in the darkest environments. All Submariner models are tested where Rolex watches are made to withstand pressures beyond their actual ratings. The Submariner 14060 shares the black dial design with the original Submariner, but its stainless steel bracelet brings it into the 21st century. The stainless steel elements make it a worthy investment in a market that yearns for stainless steel encased timepieces.

Man with a Rolex Submariner

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The Best Waterproof Rating Available

If you want a new or used Rolex with the best waterproof rating available, then you need the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea. This Rolex line is rated for water resistance up to an astounding 3,900 meters deep. That is deeper than the average ocean depth and exerts over 5,000 lbs. per square inch in water pressure. Rolex created the Sea-Dweller Deepsea, not for practical use but to show their commitment to perfection.

If you want to own a watch that catches a horologist’s eye and can withstand a multi-ton impact, then the Rolex Deep Sea Blue 116660D DLC-PVD is the watch for you. This model still has the unidirectional rotating black bezel from the first Submariner. The Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) stainless steel case is highly durable and scratch-resistant. It features Rolex’s helium gas escape valve, which you’ll notice in the information provided on the outer dial. The rest of the dial parallels the color transition in the Deep Sea, with the blue dial transitioning to black.



Keep Your Rolex Waterproof

Rolex watches are waterproof, but they have seals and a crown that can degrade and invalidate the watch’s waterproof rating with time or poor maintenance practices. Rolex watches use gaskets to form seals around the crown and mechanical elements inside the watch. Time itself can cause these gaskets to dry out and the seal to become imperfect.

There are also ways to speed up the gasket’s impairment. Extreme temperatures and quick transitions to extreme temperatures negatively impact a watch’s gaskets. Avoid wearing your watch in hot tubs, saunas, and hot showers to keep its seals healthy. Also, always screw down the watch’s crown when in contact with water. It is still waterproof when the crown is not screwed down because of sealing gaskets. However, if the gasket is impaired, an unsealed crown may allow water into the watch’s movement. If water gets into your Rolex, immediately take it to a servicer because moisture can cause irreparable damage if left for too long.

Invest in a Rolex Watch

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If you are interested in a waterproof watch with prestige, history, and a recognizable style, then Rolex watches are for you. Whether you want a classic Submariner or the Sea-Dweller Deepsea that exceeds human diving ability, a Rolex watch is always a good investment. At Luxury of Watches, we have an extensive collection of new and used certified watches from the highest-quality brands. Contact us for more information about Rolex timepieces or our other luxury watch offerings.