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​5 Best Pre-Owned Watches to Buy

23rd Sep 2021

Luxury watches are appealing for their fine craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. They’re built for longevity and push boundaries by using innovative technology. Luxury watch companies have rich histories dating back to the early 20th century, with fascinating stories to pass down to your family along with your watch.

Before choosing a luxury watch, decide on your budget and the features you need for your lifestyle. If you’re a swimmer or diver, look for watches that are waterproof to great depths. Luxury watches cost thousands of dollars, and you’ll need to find a watch within your price range. Consider buying a pre-owned luxury watch. You can achieve the status symbol with prices up to half of the retail value of a new watch. Pre-owned watches retain their value and don’t depreciate any differently from new watches.

Luxury of Watches offers a wide range of pre-owned watches, including brands like Rolex. We inspect every watch and insist on impeccable standards for the products we sell. Luxury of Watches offers certificates of authenticity for all our pre-owned watches, so you know you’re getting the real deal. A 5-year warranty ensures you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

rolex submariner iconic dive watch

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Shop Pre-Owned Rolexes at Luxury of Watches

1.Rolex Submariner Steel P16610

Rolex Submariner watches have been setting the standards for waterproof watches since 1953. Newer models function without interference underwater to depths of up to 1,000 feet. The Rolex Submariner has a 60-minute timing bezel with a unidirectional design and notched edges to avoid slipping backward while underwater.

The Submariner Rolex watch features an oyster-colored corrosion-resistant stainless steel bracelet and case measuring 40mm. Its oyster lock clasp provides a firm hold on your wrist and even over wetsuits. Its black dial matches the bezel and features luminous hour markers and Mercedes’s hands so you can read the time easily in dark conditions. The Rolex Submariner fits up to a 7.25-inch wrist. Available in traditional colors of Oyster Steel, White Gold, and Oyster Steel with Yellow Gold, you can also find custom colors of blue and green available for purchase.

2.Rolex Explorer II

The Rolex Explorer II was released in 1971 and was initially designed to be worn during cave exploration. Specifically meant to aid spelunkers in their adventures, the Rolex Explorer II features a unique orange 24-hour display, perfect for distinguishing between night or day when environmental conditions make this challenging.

The hour, minute, and second hands are black lacquer and have a beautiful matte finish. Newer models of this watch include a Chromalight display and a caliber 3285, pushing the boundaries of watchmaking technology. The Oyster case is 42mm, constructed from a corrosion-resistant alloy, and waterproof up to a depth of 330 feet. The crystal is resistant to scratches and allows for easy reading of the date or time zone.

Day Date watch on a branch

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3.Rolex Day-Date President P18038WR

The Rolex Day-Date President still maintains its reputation as a watch of prestige. It made its debut in 1956 and featured the first timepiece with a bidirectional self-winding chronometer, waterproofing, and a modern calendar.

Making a watch like this part of your collection sets the bar for pre-owned watches to buy. Choose from models with an Oyster case measuring 36mm or 40mm, available with a white or black Roman numeral dial. Some custom-colored dials are also available. The Day-Date President comes in 18k yellow, rose or white gold, and platinum. All models feature sapphire crystal and a folding clasp. In addition to reading a fully spelled out day and date, you can choose from pieces with customized bezels that are smooth, fluted, or embellished with gemstones. The calendar display for the Rolex Day-Date President is also available in multiple languages.

rolex date just in gold body

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4.Rolex Datejust 36

Adorn your wrist with an elegant pre-owned Rolex like the iconic Rolex Datejust 36. This watch makes an excellent gift idea for men and women. The Rolex Datejust 36 includes an Oyster Steel 36 mm case, white gold accent, and fluted bezel. A cyclops lens helps magnify the details for increased readability, and the 3235 movement guarantees superior performance and accuracy.

With several variations of this model available, the timepiece has universal appeal and has been a popular choice worn by sports celebrities and people of distinction. You can look for models with dials in varying colors from black, white, and blue to silver. Catch the light with a special jubilee wristband, first released in 1945, or opt for the classic Oyster wristband. If you’re looking for an athletic, sporty look, like Australian tennis player Rod Laver, the more casual Oyster wristband will make your Datejust 36 functional yet flashy. For those seeking pre-owned watches for workday wear or evenings out, the elegance of the jubilee wristband may be a better option.

Find the Perfect Watch for Your Wrist

5.Rolex Air-King 14010

Watches like the Rolex Air-King honor the spirit of aviation pioneers since its introduction in the 1950s. Available in several sizes ranging from a 34mm to 40mm durable Oyster stainless steel case and bracelet with a folding clasp. There are few numerals on the black dial; instead, the time is marked with bars for each hour and a large 3, 6, and 9 for reference. The Air-King has a prominent minute scale for navigational readings. The Rolex Air-King includes a self-winding Caliber 1030 movement for precision. This timepiece is a favorite with aviation enthusiasts. All of the details in this timepiece reflect properties for aiding navigation and have the hardiness to endure extreme conditions.

Find the Perfect Pre-Owned Rolex for Your Wrist

Shopping for luxury pre-owned watches is an exciting experience that allows you to select a timepiece to express your style without the price tag of a new release. These Rolex models are truly timeless, so you can feel confident your classic watch will garner plenty of compliments at a networking event, on the tennis court, or at dinner with friends.

When reviewing a curated selection of available watches to purchase, there are many factors to consider, including the style of wristband, dial color, and what useful features the timepiece offers to suit your lifestyle. Shop our collection of pre-owned luxury watches today to discover famous Rolex models that stand the test of time. Contact us with any questions you have about how to measure watch size, our prices, and available brands.