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​Timeless Love: Tips on Shopping for His & Hers Rolex Watches

19th Oct 2021

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When looking for the perfect gift to commemorate a couple’s milestone like an engagement, wedding or anniversary, matching his and hers Rolex watches are the epitome of luxury. The superior craftsmanship and gorgeous detailing on each timepiece reflect the love and work you put into your relationship, making it the perfect way to say “I love you” and an excellent heirloom to pass down to future generations.

Determine Which Watch Size Is Best for You Both Before You Shop

If you don’t know how to measure watch size, an authorized dealer can help you, or you can easily do it yourself by measuring the circumference of your wrist about half an inch from the wrist joint. If your wrist circumference is less than 6", small cases in sizes 34 to36mm will fit best. Individuals with wrist circumferences between 6 to 7.5" should look for cases in the 38mm to 42mm range. If your wrist is over 7.5", opt for cases 44 to 46mm in size.

Once you know the appropriate case size, consider the lug size. Lugs are the metal extensions at the top and bottom of the case that attach the watch to the band. If the lugs extend beyond the curve of your wrist, it is too large. Also, consider the thickness of the case and the watchband, which add more weight, making the watch uncomfortable to wear. Once you know your sizes, you’ll be able to determine how you want to pair your watches. Some couples opt for the same model in two sizes, others for the same watch in the same size, and others for different models in the same materials.

Find the Perfect Watch for Your Wrist

Option 1: The Same Model in Two Different Sizes

Wearing the same model in different sizes is the ultimate option for showing how in sync you are while ensuring the perfect fit.

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  • Rolex Datejust

Rolex’s most popular dress watch, the Datejust has the greatest variety of options in case size, materials, dials and bracelets, making it a popular choice for couples. While the women’s version comes in yellow gold, the men’s models don’t, so couples need to choose from the stainless steel or two-tone options if they want to match. The bracelets can be Oyster or Jubilee, and there are also multiple dial colors to choose from.

  • Rolex Yacht-Master

This sporty-chic option is perfect for couples who love casual luxury. This watch comes in 37mm, 40mm, 42mm case sizes, but you may be able to find a pre-owned Rolex Yacht-Master 35mm option even though it is no longer in production. If you opt for the 42mm white gold, it doesn’t exactly match the materials in the 37mm version. If an exact match is important to you, your best bet is the 37mm and 40mm Everose gold, Rolex’s proprietary rose gold.

Option 2: The Same Model in the Same Size

Some couples prefer to get the same Rolex watch model in the same size to show their love. This is an excellent choice as long as both have similarly sized wrists. Otherwise, you risk the watch looking like it doesn’t quite fit on either person.

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual offers youthful modernity, making it a good Rolex option for couples. The watchband and case are stainless steel, but you can opt for white, black or blue dials depending on your taste. It comes in women’s 28mm, 31mm, and 34mm case sizes and men’s 36mm and 41mm case sizes, providing a wide variety of size options to suit any couple’s needs. The Oyster Perpetual 124200S, with its elegant silver dial and classical Rolex styling, is an excellent choice for couples.

  • Rolex Explorer II

An oversized watch can make a big style statement. If the woman doesn’t mind an oversized watch, the Explorer II comes in a 42mm case, making it an excellent option for couples. The hands and numerals are Chromelight, so their luminescent glow will allow you to tell time no matter the light level. It effectively combines the features of the Submariner No Date and the Oyster Perpetual models.

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Option 3: Different Models in the Same Materials

For couples with drastic size differences, purchasing different models but sticking to the same materials may be the best option to ensure that both parties are thrilled with their watch selection.

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  • Rolex Day Date President and Lady President

The President and Lady President Rolex models are the ultimate power couple pairing.

The Rolex Yellow Gold President Day Date 40 228238 CR comes in 18K yellow gold with Champagne Roman markers and a fluted bezel. The Rolex Lady President 28 279178CIFP uses the same 18K yellow gold with a silver dial but comes with a smaller case size, making it the perfect choice for a petite woman.

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Whether you are commemorating a special event or simply surprising your significant other, his and hers Rolex watches make the ultimate gift of luxury. Browse our extensive collection of new and pre-owned Rolexes to find the perfect set for you and your soulmate.