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​Product Spotlight: Why We Love the Rolex Explorer II

3rd Jan 2022

TheRolex Explorer II has been Rolex’s dedicated adventurer watch since 1971. It was initially built for cave explorers, similar to how the famous Rolex Submariner was built for deep-sea divers. The Explorer II is a sturdy yet comfortable watch with refined style juxtaposed by a flash of color. It’s a purpose-driven timepiece with classic Rolex craftsmanship. The Rolex Explorer II

is the perfect entry into Rolex watches and has investment potential because of its stainless steel build.

Rolex Explorer II

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Monochrome Style with Juxtaposing Features

The Rolex Explorer II is a tool watch, which means it is built to function while exploring caves. The watch’s oyster designation refers to its waterproof design and serves as a prefix for some of the watch’s materials. Its five iterations have had white and black renditions, each with its own multi-colored features.The characteristic Oystersteel that forms the bracelet and case is corrosion resistant and has the intense polish of a precious metal. The Rolex Explorer II 16570 White has a white dial with popping black indices that combine for intense legibility. The watch face also features a bright orange GMT hand. The GMT hand was originally included with the 24-hour bevel to indicate night or day for explorers in locations where daylight hours weren’t obvious like the arctic or in a cave.

Get Started Your Rolex Watch Collection

The most recent release of the Explorer II came in 2021, which is the 50th anniversary of the Explorer II timepiece. The Rolex Explorer II 226570 Black is slightly slimmed down, keeping its large 42mm width. The new addition has continued nearly all the characteristics of its predecessors, such as the cyclops magnifier over the date and the encased hour indices.

Comfort and Security

The Rolex Explorer II 226570 has grown since its introduction to the watch world in 1971. It started at 39mm and now measures 42mm. This model tapers down significantly to measure 21mm at the lugs, with the bracelet tapering further to 17mm at the clasp. The bracelet is as comfortable as it is simple. The Oystersteel bracelet is formed by flat three-piece links that combine comfort and functional hardiness. The clasp is built to afford 5mm of extra space on demand for quick adjustment.

Rolex Explorer II

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If the 42mm is non-negotiably too large for your taste, the Rolex Explorer 214270 offers related style at a 39mm size point. The smaller watch differs from the Explorer II model in history and its features. The Explorer model traces its lineage to mountaineering rather than cave exploration, as the first Rolex Explorer was made for an Mt. Everest ascent.

The Rolex Explorer 214270 is built with oyster casing and bracelet, 100-meter deep water resistance, and excellent lumination for readability when it gets dark. Its slender frame relative to the Explorer II holds a black dial and historic 3-, 6-, and 9-hour indices. The Explorer is the foundation that the Explorer II models built upon, and yet it holds its own as a no-nonsense tool timepiece great for exploration and dressy occasions.

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Investment Potential

The Rolex Explorer and Explorer II are simple and refined timepieces with rich histories. They do not have much in the way of precious metals and expensive stones, so their price point is accessible for those looking to begin a Rolex collection. Their investment potential is currently high because the market places a high value on stainless steel like their oyster steel bevels, cases, and bracelets.

Rolex Explorer II

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Invest in Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer II Watches

The current market places a high value on Rolex Explorer and Explorer II watches, making buying pre-owned models a viable investment. They cost less than new models but still figure to appreciate in value, along with new Rolex models. The high quality of Rolex materials and craftsmanship ensures your investment is safe whether you choose pre-owned or new. This is especially true with the Rolex Explorer and Explorer II models that were built to be tough.

Rolex investment offers unique advantages over other forms of investment. Rolex timepieces are low maintenance, enjoy brand-implemented price increases, and are rare relative to their market demand. Investing in a watch is not like putting money in a home that requires significant maintenance or upgrades to increase in value. Rather, you can wear your investment as a stylistic statement while netting a return.

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