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Is IWC a Good Watch Manufacturer? 6 Things to Know

1st Jul 2022

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IWC is the ninth most recognized Swiss watch brand worldwide. It is famous for producing high-quality luxury watches using the latest technology. IWC likes to show off this high-tech approach with transparent sapphire-covered case backs, proudly displaying their fine craftsmanship and precision movements.

IWC is a watch lover’s brand. The company prides itself on making unrivaled sports watches that are beautiful, stylish and fit well on the wrist. There are six reasons IWC watches answer the question — Is IWC a good watch? — with a definitive, resounding yes.

1. A History of Quality

International Watch Company (IWC) Schaffhausen is a 154-year-old Swiss watch brand. Founded by American engineer Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, the company was created to bring together the latest in American Industrial Age technology and the time-honored art of Swiss watchmaking.

Over the past century, the company has repeatedly pioneered new technology and techniques while retaining high standards. They pioneered titanium in watch bodies, a material once used for rockets and spacecraft, and launched some of the first watches specifically for pilots at the dawn of the Aviation Age.

2. A Brand for Connoisseurs

IWC is a watch connoisseur’s brand. The self-winding watch movements, the clean Swiss style and the innovative use of new materials and techniques appeal to collectors and those in the know.

Throughout its history, IWC has employed some of the finest watch technicians, engineers, designers and craftsmen, whose signature designs and styles remain in their collection to this day. Johann Vogel, Kurt Klaus and even legendary car designer Ferdinand A. Porsche designed watches for this storied brand.

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3. Extra Features and High Complications

IWC is known in the watch world for its complications. Complications are additional watch movements beyond the hour, minute and second displays. IWC has repeatedly set the record for most complications on a watch, culminating in the IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia, the watch with the most complications ever created. This watch is named for Sidereal time, a form of timekeeping used by astronomers, and features an entire celestial map based on the location of the watch’s owner. No other watch has even come close to the level of precision and the number of complications of this incredible watch.

4. Documented Quality

Every IWC watch that has left its factory from 1868 to today has been strictly documented. Every design is tested for 3,000 hours, subjected to 600,000 A/m of magnetic force, buttons are pushed and handled 10,000 to 20,000 times and the prototype watch is subjected to 100,000 simulated impacts before being put into production. The quality is measured with the finest measurements to ensure the movement in every watch is precise and up to the highest horological standards.

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5. Environmental Rating

In recent years, IWC has been at the forefront of sustainable, environmentally friendly production. They have committed to exclusively sourcing their raw materials from ethical, fair trade sources and have made enormous strides to reduce the environmental impact of their production processes.

Recently, the World Wildlife Fund named IWC the most environmentally-friendly Swiss watch manufacturer and applauded their commitment to ensuring that any materials sourced from the developing world are fairmined or produced with the highest respect for the workers and the environment.

6. Famous IWC Enthusiasts

IWC has attracted many fans over the years, and IWC watches have graced the wrists of many famous people. Most notable perhaps is the renowned French writer, aviator, aristocrat and philosopher Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of the famous children’s book The Little Prince.

As an early aviation pioneer, he wore IWC watches as an airmail pilot in Africa and South America and while flying in the French Air Force at the beginning of WW2. IWC has honored his legacy by naming a sub-series of its pilot watches in his honor.

Only the Best from IWC

IWC is one of the finest brands of luxury watches in the world. They are known among connoisseurs and aficionados for their style, build quality, innovation and, most importantly, their complications, which are some of the most refined in the watchmaking industry.

IWC offers many styles for all kinds of discerning watch owners — from pilot-inspired watches to the ultralight Ingenieur to the Aquatimer for those who love diving, sailing and watersports, to the ultra-stylish DaVinci and Portofino and, of course, the classic king of complications, the Portuguese.

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