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​How to Buy a Patek Philippe Watch

3rd Oct 2022

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Thinking about buying a new luxury watch? Patek Philippe is a watchmaker with a long history. Just know that, once you buy one, it can become something of a habit. You might find yourself wishing to build an entire collection of Patek Philippe models. But just what kinds of features do you want on your watch? Here we'll discuss the history of this luxury watchmaker and which styles of Patek Philippe watches best match your personal style. Let's dive right in.

History of Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 by Polish watchmakers Antoni Patek and Franciszek Czapek. They went their separate ways a few years later, and Patek partnered with French watchmaker Adrien Philippe. This dynamic duo got the company off the ground running. They introduced the famous Henry Graves Super Complication pocket watch and made luxury watches for royalty throughout the 19th century. Today, with Thierry Stern at the helm, Patek Philippe offers over 160 watches plus more than 50 movements that are manufactured in-house.

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Features of Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe is synonymous with high-end watch features. These features, which are part of the reason for these watches' high prices, make them worth the cost. Each watch has unique features. For example, the Nautilus 5711 (which was discontinued in 2021) has a distinctly green dial. The Nautilus 5712, however, has a watch face that is asymmetrical in design — something we rarely see from watchmakers. A common feature on a Patek Philippe is a moon phase display. Most of their watch cases measure around 40mm in diameter, which is often thought of as the perfect size for a luxury watch.

Types of Patek Philippe Watches

There are seven main categories to discuss when it comes to these watches. Patek Philippe models include:

  • Nautilus
  • Aquanaut
  • Calatrava
  • Complications
  • Grand Complications
  • Golden Ellipse
  • Twenty-4

The Nautilus launched the company into sports watches in 1976, and the Patek Philippe Aquanaut came out in 1997 as a more affordably priced alternative to the Nautilus. The Patek Calatrava is inspired by the Bauhaus art movement of the 1920s.

Complications watches are actually mechanical devices that perform a function aside from just telling time. The Complications line tends to add a little more decorative flair. In watchmaker terms, "grand complication" denotes a watch with at least two complications. Hence the name of the Patek Philippe Grand Complications line.

Golden Ellipse watches are oblong, ultra-thin watches that emerged in 1968. They are sometimes a little larger these days. The Twenty-4 watches, meant for ladies, are 36mm or smaller and available in quartz and mechanical versions.

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Purchasing Your Patek Philippe Watch

Buying a luxury watch made by Patek Philippe might seem difficult. It can be if you are going for something that is considered a collector's item due to age or availability. But you can get a brand-new or used Patek Philippe watch by shopping in our stores or simply going online and ordering the one you want. In fact, you can check out this brand and others right here on our website. It is an easy and efficient way to acquire a beautiful luxury watch from such a historic and highly regarded watchmaker as Patek Philippe.

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Own a Piece of History

Whether you're looking for a gorgeous timepiece to take a formal outfit to the next level, a classy watch to wear every day, or a sports model that can accompany you on your most strenuous adventures, Patek Philippe has something to fit the bill. Many sought-after features are available, and forking over the extra cash for them can be worth it. Just ask celebrities like Jay-Z, who loves to sport these watches.