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​Are Blancpain Watches Good? 5 Reasons to Get One

25th Aug 2022

Everyone fancies an enduring legacy, something future generations will boast about. It might be a good old grandma’s recipe, a legendary scrapbook, or simply a vintage attire. However, no matter the object in question, nothing quite endears like a classic timepiece. Selecting a luxury watch for posterity has proven to be a solid way to keep the family bond alive. The thing with luxury timepieces is that they boast unmatched durability and reliability. Pampered with proper care, they will keep ticking for decades without eroding their glamor. Thus, the thrill of a wrist adorned in splendor will live on for generations with a luxury timepiece.

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That said, luxury watches come in different brands, and not all may pique your generational amusement. However, with a legendary brand like Blancpain watches, you can shelve your worries. But why do they stand out? Are Blancpain watches good and why should you consider having one?

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1. The Oldest in the Game

Dating back to 1735, there is no doubt Blancpain watches boast a unique ancient splendor amidst a contemporary existence. Putting on the watch instantly transports you to a historic Swiss experience relivable only in your dreams.

Within the endless euphoria, time takes you way back to when Jehan-Jacques Blancpain set in motion the phenomenal watch brand. Having stood the longest test of time, the mechanical watch effortlessly evokes in you a sense of pride, class, and unwavering longevity. In other words, when you acquire a Blancpain watch, you are assured you have it for life! What a masterpiece!

2. Unparalleled Luxury

If you are an enthusiast for men's luxury watches, you will find Blancpain a great luxury watch brand to flaunt around your wrist. Despite being ancient, the world-famous watchmaking brand has survived, thanks to an obsessive knack for innovation. Blancpain is always reinventing its classic timepieces backed by strict adherence to quality standards. This ensures your daily dose of luxury never diminishes.

From the world's smallest moon-phase display to Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the very first diving watch of its kind, Blancpain watches never run out of innovation. Thanks to the unique innovation infusion, scientists, divers, and underwater photographers have found a formidable companion in these enduring watches. You can join that long list of revelers, too!

3. Exclusive Pride

The prestige attached to wearing a Blancpain watch is simply rarefied. The Swiss watchmaking brand boasts enviable in-house craftsmanship second to none. Cleverly combining authentic craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology sets the elegance of Blancpain watches apart.

Not only are most of their luxury watches crafted in-house but the watchmaker handcraft individual timepieces using their own set of in-house tools. The artisan assembles, decorates, and engraves the luxury watch while ensuring a unique personal touch. This ensures that classic mechanical watches maintain a unique old-fashioned flavor rare in the market. In effect, no one Blancpain timepiece is the same. What’s more, Blancpain watches are meticulously produced in fewer numbers to keep the price competitive and the exclusive quality intact.

4. Evocative Timepieces

Looking for a bespoke timepiece boasting unrivaled artistry? Well, it's no secret Blancpain never runs out of creative delight. It is also clear that ancient creativity and modern world-class innovation are the lifeblood of the Swiss watchmaking brand. Thanks to their dedicated Métiers d'Art studio, Blancpain has a reputation for playing around with artful pieces to infuse more delight in their luxury watches. Their deep-rooted dexterity is evident in their evocative enameling, engraving, and damascening creativity. Owing to this artistic prowess, Blancpain offers a sentimental platform to bring your wildest dreams to life through timeless customizations. A rare decorative technique, such as shakudō, is proof enough that Blancpain’s elegance is timeless.

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5. A Timepiece With Heightened Elegance

If you're still wondering if Blancpain watches are good for you, this is what we have to say. Yes, they are. Of course, there are many considerations to make before buying a luxury watch. The most pressing of those considerations, however, is the right watch brand to select.

As one of the oldest watchmaking brands still in existence, Blancpain has amassed a solid reputation for its adorable timepieces. Thanks to their overarching reputation, the watchmaker has remained at the forefront of producing stunningly excellent handcrafted timepieces oozing a level of artisanship, technical prowess, and luxury capable of making other luxury watch brands envious. If you are looking for a Swiss luxury watch brand with a proven history of elegance, Blancpain fits the description.