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A Message from Luxury of Watches

19th May 2020


We hope everyone is well and that we can make it through these tough times together. There are a lot of fears, uncertainties, and conflicting ideals between people of the world regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). Just remember that we made it through multiple novel epidemics starting long in the past, with far less than what we have and know now. It is just a positive message we wanted to share. Heed the sanitary precautions, respect the circumstances of your surroundings and those around you, and most importantly try to stay positive during these trying times!

What has everyone been doing during the lockdown? They say that it will be lifted soon enough, but until we find a cure or a vaccine, wouldn't it be reckless to go out and possibly spread infection/reinfection? It does drive one stir crazy, especially if they are not a homebody but an outdoors person to be cooped up. Some great ways to find opportunity in solitude from the 'outside world' is by doing something that may be constructive. Have you thought of anything you'd like to learn? Any book you have been planning to read? New skills you wanted to acquire? Anything you've wanted to create or build, draw or compose? One almost profound thing is that families are spending more time quality time together. I personally know that my family and I could not survive a week with each other for that much quality time (haha).

We have decided at Luxury of Watches to do what we can do best to help out without stepping out of our lane aside from our own opinions. We will provide an educational 'crash course' if you will, on the ins and outs of timepieces. We will discuss certain important features of watches as well as the key terminologies to help you become a master collector and a connoisseur of the timekeeping artistry that manifests within the beautiful architecture of watches and their intricate inner workings. We will also go over aesthetic and more modern terms as well, all put into a compendium of information. So, if you have been interested in watches (which we can only assume if you are here already) then please look forward to our upcoming informational and educational posts! By learning what special features exist, and how they work, you will be able to choose the perfect watch for you, right here!

We feel that this is the best we can do in terms of being constructive and positive for those who have supported us in the past and continue to do so now.

Thank you and wishing for your best,
Luxury of Watches