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6 Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

25th May 2021

A Rolex is a Rolex, whether it is pre-owned or brand new. Rolex watches are renowned for their classic style, expert craftsmanship, and innovative design. These elements have been exhibited since 1914, when the company began, and are inherent to every Rolex on the market. It doesn’t matter if you buy a mint condition Rolex or one that’s pre-owned; every timepiece carries the Rolex tradition with it. From lower pricing to vintage styles, buying a pre-owned Rolex offers many advantages. Take a closer look at these six benefits of buying a pre-owned Rolex watch, and then check out the Luxury of Watches collection to find your perfect match.

Expensive Wrist Watch Rolex

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1. Affordability

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to buying a gently used Rolex from a reputable retailer is the price. There is no denying that a new Rolex is an expensive watch. The new Rolex Submariner Date 126619LB costs over $50,000; however, a pre-owned model, theRolex Submariner 14060, costs just $9,995. The affordability of a pre-owned Rolexallows lovers of the brand who cannot afford a brand-new watch the joy of owning a truly stunning timepiece that carries the value and tradition of the brand.

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2. Avoid Depreciation

Although a Rolex never loses its inherent value, it does abide by the retail market depreciation rules. Once a piece is purchased and worn, its market value generally decreases. This means that when you buy a new Rolex, it immediately begins to depreciate. The benefit of buying a pre-owned Rolex is that you are already buying it at a lower, depreciated cost. Unless you severely damage the piece, it should retain a similar market value to what you paid for it.

3. Appreciation Value

Yet another benefit to buying a pre-owned Rolex is that it may eventually begin to appreciate in value. This is especially true if your pre-owned model is discontinued and becomes one-of-a-kind or features a unique design element or method of production. Often, if you hold on to a piece long enough, you will see a resurgence in popularity, and the value of your piece increases.

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4. Vintage Value

Many pre-owned pieces have vintage value, which is another benefit of owning a used Rolex. Vintage doesn’t always mean that your Rolex is worth a lot of money, although there are certainly vintage Rolex watches that command top dollar at auctions and from private sellers. More likely, though, your pre-owned Rolex has an understated vintage value that taps into the class and style of days gone by.

5. Rare or Original Elements

Along with the benefit of vintage vibes, buying a pre-owned Rolex offers you the opportunity to search for watches with rare or original elements. Every Rolex is handmade and, although this is still true in the modern age, pieces that are older feature rare and original elements that just aren’t available today.

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6. Good as New

One of the best benefits of buying a pre-owned Rolex is that you receive virtually all the same benefits as buying a brand newRolex watch. Your pre-owned watch is still a Rolex, and all Rolex watches are made from the same quality, tested material, with careful attention to detail and innovative designs. When you buy from a reputable retailer, you also receive the certification paperwork and warranty on your pre-owned watch.

What to Watch Out For When Buying Pre-Owned

Although there are numerous advantages to buying a pre-owned Rolex, there are a few things to look out for to ensure you get the best quality. First, make sure you purchase from a reputable retailer. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on what you think is a Rolex only to find out that it is fake. When considering a pre-owned Rolex, find out if the retailer does the following:

  • Offers a warranty
  • Provides certification
  • Has a long-standing reputation in the luxury watch industry
  • Offers details about the watch, such as materials used, creation date, etc.

If your pre-owned watch comes from a trustworthy source, you should walk away feeling just as excited as if you invested in a new model.

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Find Your Perfect Pre-Owned Rolex

There are numerous benefits to buying a pre-owned Rolex, including affordability, access to rare and original watch elements, and avoiding market depreciation of a new watch. If you are ready to become a proud Rolex watch owner, browse Luxury of Watches’ fantastic selection of pre-owned Rolex. If you are in the market for a brand new watch, you’ll also enjoy the wide selection of retail models.