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Rolex GMT Master II Men's Watches

Rolex GMT Master II Mens Watches

Launched in 1954 after the initial design was produced for Pan-Am pilots, the Rolex GMT-Master watch inspired the release of the Rolex GMT Master II in the 1980s. Perfect for the jet-setting man, this second release, although almost identical to the original, features the addition of an independently adjustable quickset hour hand, allowing adjustment to local time without stopping the seconds or disturbing the minutes or hour GMT hands. A rotatable bezel has always been featured on this design, which is part of the professional series of men’s Rolex timepieces.

You can own one of these remarkable watches for yourself at an incredible price through Luxury of Watches. Select the style that calls to you, and enjoy the quality and durability this renowned watchmaker puts into each and every piece. Whether you prefer a GMT-Master II in gold or white gold, featuring diamonds or a unique bezel and face, we’ve got the Rolex you’re dreaming of for the best value around.