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GMT Master II

As one of Rolex’s premium sports watches, the GMT Master is a highly coveted timepiece. Initially launched in 1954 as an aviator watch, the GMT Master was developed in cooperation with Pam Am, as the company  expressed a need for a wristwatch that could display multiple times simultaneously. This impressive feature remains highly sought-after, even today, and can be seen on the new and improved Rolex GMT Master II, launched in 2007.

The genius of the GMT Master’s dual time zone display is its simplicity: It is straightforward to set and read, as the face isn’t cluttered with subdials like most other multi-time zone wristwatches. Instead of relying on subdials, the Rolex uses an extra hand on the dial, distinguished from the traditional hour, minute, and second hands through color and shape. A 24-hour graduated bidirectional rotatable bezel indicates the reference time while the home time is displayed on the main dial. 

To avoid overcrowding the watch with numbers, the dial features Rolex’s famous geometric hour marker system. In addition, the 24-hour display on the bezel only uses digits for the even numbers, with dots indicating the odd numbers. The GMT Master also features Rolex’s patented luminescent material Chromalight, allowing easy legibility in low light. Frequent flyers love that the GMT Master II’s caliber 3285 movement allows them to adjust the local time using the winding crown without stopping the watch or altering the 24-hour hand. The impressive power reserve of approximately 70 hours is another popular feature. 

Purchasing a pre-owned Rolex not only makes sought-after models such as the GMT Master more affordable, but it also often allows you to find more unusual models that are now out of production. Peruse Luxury of Watches’ vast array of pre-owned Rolex watches to find the right GMT Master for you.

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