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How to Store Watches: 9 Best Practices

9th Mar 2021

Whether you have one luxury watch or many, knowing how to store them is essential. These beautiful watches are not only an investment that you want to protect but also look and function better when stored properly. There’s no one right way to store watches. Some watch owners prefer to keep all their luxury watches on display, ready to wear and show to friends and family. Others prefer to keep them in storage, locked away safely until they want to wear one. Regardless of how you store them, there are a few best storage practices that can keep your watch in tip-top condition.

1. Decide Whether to Display or Store

Deciding whether to keep your watches out or hide them away isn’t easy. There are several factors to consider, including whether you have small children or pets who could damage the watch if the room you want to store them in is secure and if you have a good place to display them. If you choose to display your watches, keep them away from direct sunlight, especially if they have genuine leather bands. All watches, whether displayed or stored, should be kept in a moisture-free location to prevent corrosion.

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2. Use a Watch Box

If you want to display your watches, you have several options. One of the best ways to show off your Rolex watches is with a watch case or box. These specially designed display boxes usually have soft padding and lining, which prevents the backs of your watches from sustaining scratches. They also often have a glass lid, allowing you to close the box, keeping your watches dust-free while enabling you to see all your watches at a glance.

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3. Protect Your Watches in a Drawer

If you want to keep your watches in a drawer, consider using a tray or an insert to keep them safe. Watches stored without an insert could bounce around, getting scratched and potentially resulting in cracks in the crystal. Many watch dresser drawer inserts have watch rolls, which allow you to safely store each watch, and they often have several compartments for separate bracelet storage.

4. Always Travel with Watch Rolls

Many watch owners wonder how to store watches safely when traveling. Besides keeping your luxury watches in the hotel-provided safe, you should also keep your watches on watch rolls in your carryon. Watch rolls are often made from soft leather, and you can choose from models that hold multiple watches or just one.

5. Keep Your Watches in Time with a Watch Winder

Automatic watches use your body movements to stay wound. If you don’t wear your watch every day, they can slow down. For people with multiple luxury watches or those who only wear theirs on special occasions, a watch winder can help keep your automatic watch in time while in storage. Look for watch winders that feature multiple slots for watches and precision pre-set turning sessions per day. You should also opt for a winder that uses PU leather in its construction to avoid static electricity build-up, which could ruin your watches mechanism.

6. Keep Your Watches Safe with a Watch Pouch

For new luxury watch owners, instead of investing in a large watch box, you can keep your investment safe with a watch pouch instead. These leather pouches protect your watch from scratches and are easy to move from one drawer to another. Even if you wear your watch every day, use a watch pouch to keep it safe overnight, especially if you have pets or children or you like to leave your watch on your dresser.

7. Store Them Face Up

While luxury watches are made to last, the potential for damage rises significantly if you store them face down. You could scratch the glass or bezel or even crack it if you set it down too hard. Even if you have your watches in a pouch, make sure they’re always face up.

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8. Put Your Paperwork in a Safe

Keeping your certification paperwork safe is essential. If you’re traveling, want to insure your watch, or sell it, you need your receipt, your Certificate of Authenticity, and your warranty information. Keep this information in a safe in your home and ensure you have digital copies saved securely to your hard drive and cloud or an external hard drive device.

9. Keep Your Watches in a Safe

If you have multiple luxury watches, you should have a safe for them, even if you want to keep them on display. When you go away for the weekend, have a house party, or have strangers in your home to repair something, put all your watches in the safe. There are many options for safes, including ones you can bolt to the floor or hide in the closet. Whatever you choose, ensure it’s secure.

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