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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Watch Case Size

1st Jun 2022

Cartier Tank Solo Watch 

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Understanding watch case size is essential to selecting the most appropriate timepiece to complement your personal style. However, finding a suitable watch to fit your wrist can be challenging when shopping online.

There are various factors you should know about watch case sizes before deciding which one would suit you the most. Find out some of the critical factors to look for and how to choose a watch that fits you properly.

Case Size

The watch case houses the dial, battery, movement and other working components, so the case diameter is important when choosing a watch. A case with a larger diameter can be incredibly striking, but it may appear strange on a smaller wrist. While a small case diameter may not offer the easy readability of a larger watch case, a simple, legible dial is crucial for functional sports watches and chronographs.

However, a larger case size does not necessarily mean a more mechanically complex or luxurious timepiece. Some of the most highly prized luxury watches, like the Cartier Panthere or the Ballon Bleu, have cases under 36mm.

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Which Watch Size Is Right for Me?

Standard watch sizes may break down like these:

  • Regular watches for women can measure anywhere between 26-36mm in diameter
  • Men’s regular watches have an average size of 37-39mm
  • Sports watches have an average size of 40-42mm
  • Oversized watches are 45mm and larger

If you want a balanced look and feel on your wrist, match the proportions of the case with the appearance of the case and the type of band you are wearing.

To find the perfect sized watch case for your wrist, measure the circumference of your wrist using a flexible tape measure or a string and a ruler. Ensure that the tape measure or string still has room to comfortably move around your wrist. It should be tight enough so that the case doesn’t slip around to the underside of your wrist but loose enough that it won’t cut off the circulation to your hand.

The perfect case size for your wrist measurement may include:

  • Thin wrist — 5.5”-6”: <36mm watch case
  • Slim wrist — 6”-7”: 36-42mm watch case
  • Medium wrist — 7”-8”: 42-44mm watch case
  • Large wrist — 8”-9”: >44mm watch case

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Case Thickness

Case thickness matters when choosing a watch because it determines the watch’s size and how comfortable it will be on your wrist. Some watches have very thin casings, while others have much thicker casings. Complex watches require thicker cases to accommodate the additional components.

Watchmaking industry standards for case thickness are as follows:

  • Thin: 6mm-8mm
  • Average: 8mm-12mm
  • Thick: 14mm-18mm

If you want to look stylish and professional, choose a watch that fits comfortably around your wrist. It should be thin enough to wear under a blazer or suit jacket. Wearing a Rolex watch has become the ultimate status symbol, making a stylish and elegant statement in any professional setting.

Hublot watch Geneve

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Band Style

The style and materials of your watch band influence your watch's overall appearance and feel. Any luxury brand watch you choose should include a selection of comfort, presentation, necessity and style that meets your personal preferences.

A broader band can make a smaller watch face appear out of proportion, whereas a thinner band may make a watch appear overly large at first glance. You may achieve your desired look and clean appearance by finding the right proportion between the band and the face. The bands of Hublot watches fit comfortably on the wrists since their bands fit well around the wrists, making them feel weightless.

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Bracelets and Straps

The strap’s length is based on wrist circumference. It can be divided into the long end and the short end of the strap. In strap length numbers, the first number shows the length of the long end by millimeters, and the second number is the length of the short end of the strap. For instance, you may see a listing for a Cartier watch with the strap lengths as 140mm/85mm.

You can determine the band length by using your wrist measurement and subtracting the watch case size from the wrist length. The measurements for a strap length and wrist circumference correspond as the following:

  • 120mm/70mm: 6.0” to 6.5” (150-164mm) in wrist circumference
  • 125mm/75mm: 6.6” to 7.0” (165-178mm) in wrist circumference
  • 130mm/80mm: 7.1” to 7.5” (179-190mm) in wrist circumference
  • 140mm/85mm: 7.6” to 8.0” (191-203mm) in wrist circumference
  • 145mm/90mm: 8.6” to 9.0” (217-229mm) in wrist circumference

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Choosing a watch is a personal process, and it has as much to do with the owner as it does with the watch. The circumference of your wrist affects your choice in the size, thickness and length of your next luxury watch. However, you may also choose a watch based on your style preferences.

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