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Rolex DLC-PVD Watches

Rolex DLC-PVD Luxury Watches

Among those who wearmen’s Rolex watches are those who aren’t afraid to take their timepieces along for adventures and, for these men, we recommend the highly durable and functional men’s Rolex DLC-PVD watches. DLC-PVD stands for “Diamond-Like Coating- Physical Vapor Deposition,” an abbreviation that indicates that these luxury watches will stand the test of time and won’t tarnish or fade throughout your active lifestyle.

More appropriate for sporting than the fine gold watches by Rolex, these watches all offer extra resistance to the elements, and some even include special features for activities like deep-sea diving. Ultra-black DLC is applied to the exterior features of these timepieces, offering a look that remains understated while ensuring you never have to leave your beloved timepiece behind. PVD is indicative of the process used to coat the watches with this tough-as-nails coating. This complex process involves vaporizing the DLC and applying it using state-of-the-art techniques for a perfectly consistent, smooth, and lasting finish.

Shop Black Rolex Watches 

If you’re looking for a sleek matte black Rolex, your best bet is to choose a DLC-PVD, as it’s one of the hardest-wearing and most striking black luxury watches you’ll find anywhere. Our selection includes sleek options, including the DLC-PVD Submariner, Explorer, Milgauss, Yacht-Master, GMT-Master II, Daytona, and more. These 100 percent authentic DLC-PVD models come in a wide range of options featuring colorful integrations and high-tech innovations. 

With many options to choose, you’re sure to find one to match your sport of choice and your personality, here at Luxury of Watches. Be sure to explore our entire selection of luxury watches by Rolex, with a huge assortment of new and pre-owned styles available in our selection.