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Designer Watches from Omega

Experience the elegance and precision of Switzerland’s storied watchmaking craftsmanship with luxury watches by Omega SA.  This storied watchmaker has garnered the accolades of connoisseurs, militaries, and NASA during its prestigious 167-year history, and has been donned by such distinguished personalities as John F. Kennedy, Buzz Aldrin, and recently, James Bond.

Luxury of Watches carries the finest selection of this European icon’s collection, beautifully embellished, meticulously crafted, and with a precision movement that will retain its accuracy for decades to come.  Our fine collection features an extensive array of bands, faces, customizable options, and even special editions depending on availability.

Take a moment to browse our current selection of Omega SA models, offered at exclusive prices, and backed by our 5-year covering all parts and movements, minus the battery.  Explore our selection of men’s and women’s watches, and do not hesitate to visit our Contact page with any questions you may have regarding a specific model, availability, shipping, or fitting.

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