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Women's Presidential Rolex Midsize 31mm

The Rolex Day Date made its stunning debut in 1956 as the first waterproof, self-winding chronometer to offer a date window and an instantaneous day display on the dial. It gained a reputation as the ultimate status watch and earned its presidential moniker after the company gifted one to President Dwight D. Eisenhower. While the Rolex Day Date remains a mainstay in the men’s Rolex watch lineup, the midsize model has become popular with women as an alternative to the Lady Datejust for its delicate 31mm case. 

Ladies’ Presidential Rolex watches are equipped with the in-house calibre 3255, a self-winding mechanical movement that offers precision timekeeping and unparalleled accuracy. The 3255 incorporates the Chronergy escapement, which precisely controls the transfer of energy from the power source to the counting mechanism. The movement is made from nickel-phosphorus to resist magnetic interference. The oscillator is optimized with a Blue Parachrom hairspring, offering 10 times the shock-resistance of standard mechanical timepieces. 

Rolex exclusively uses 18K gold when crafting their yellow gold timepieces. Their high purity gold alloy is made of 75 percent pure gold and 25 percent other metals to create a closely-guarded formula only known to a select few Rolex artisans. The Rolex gold alloy is a highly durable material designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear while still retaining its luster, providing you with an heirloom piece that lasts for generations. 

The Women’s Presidential Rolex is available in a range of styles. Choose from classic Roman numerals, indices or inset diamonds for hour markers. Dials come in numerous colors and finishes, including matte black, rich champagne and sparkling silver. You can also find Rolex Presidential Women’s watches with the coveted Champagne Pearl Jubilee Anniversary dial for a uniquely sophisticated timepiece. 

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