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Longines Watches for Men & Women

Longines’ famous winged hourglass has been a trademark of fine watches for over 170 years, making it one of the oldest and most recognized symbols in the industry.  Known for their precision, extraordinary attention to detail and superb style, Longines watches have become a cornerstone of Swiss watchmaking artistry. 

Longines men’s and women’s watches have been used across history and around the world, keeping time at hundreds of momentous events.  One of their most famous models, the Aviator, was originally designed for Charles Lindbergh and helped him mark his historic nonstop flight from New York to Paris.  Through their detailed precision, longevity and reliability, Longines watches became a mainstay in sporting events, keeping finishing times and starting times at many Olympics events throughout history and nearly every major sporting venue.  Longines watches are now among the most highly regarded and sophisticated Swiss watch varieties. 

Browse a vast selection of women’s and men’s designer watches, with hundreds of sizes, colors, bands and features available.  Find your distinctive piece and order online through Luxury of Watches to have yours delivered straight to your door. 


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