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Hamilton Designer Watches

Luxury of Watches supplies a diverse selection of name brand watches from all over the world.  With roots in the U.S. and headquarters in Switzerland, Hamilton watches combine exceptional craftsmanship with a historic legacy.  Designing and creating sophisticated timepieces since 1892, Hamilton remains one of the most prestigious and preferred designers in men’s watches.

The Hamilton Watch Company best exemplifies the combination of modernity and classic refinement in fine watches, and also blends American and European aesthetics.  Beginning in Pennsylvania over a hundred years ago, Hamilton became known as an authority in craftsmanship and appeal after supplying a variety of designs for U.S. railroad expansion, soldiers in WWI and WWII, and the iconic Hamilton Ventura, famously worn by Elvis Presley.  Today, Hamilton brings their storied history back to their designs with vintage styles that restore timelessness to timepieces. 

See the collection of Hamilton’s newest watch models, including a variety of newly reintroduced Ventura models.  Find and order your distinctive piece at Luxury of Watches.


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