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Chanel Women's Designer Watches

Chanel is a name almost synonymous with high fashion, pioneering new trends and changes in the fashion industry for over a century.  Luxury of Watches showcases Chanel watches for women and men, each outfitted with the fine features and distinctive aesthetic of Chanel designers.

Famous for simplicity in design and innovative new looks; Chanel exemplifies the meaning of professionalism and couture with each watch.  As a leader in the fashion industry, few designers parallel Chanel’s ability to showcase sophistication and high-style, as well as individual taste.  Chanel blends simplicity, functionality and style with subtle colors and exquisite detail, making a collection of men’s and women’s watches that appeal to many styles, while still following an art form that is distinctly Chanel.

Browse the collection of watches to find a piece that accentuates your look.  Click to take a closer look, or choose any watches to compare. Order online with free shipping and receive your watch directly, with a certificate of authenticity and 5 year warranty. 


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